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When it comes to home insurance, we’d all prefer to keep it simple.

Demano offers you several options and a broker helps you choose the policy that will protect your property at the right price.

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Your credit rating is a measure of your current credit situation. It is also a form of personal information that we can only consult with your authorization. By including it in your application, we can obtain quotes tailored to your situation from multiple insurers. We do not have access to your credit history. Checking your credit rating in no way affects your credit score.
Comparing home insurance quotes in Quebec can be overwhelming, especially since most of the policies you’re comparing between can look very similar to the untrained eye. To get the best quality coverage for the lowest available price, it’s not a bad idea to enlist the assistance of a trained insurance broker. Demano’s job is to help you find great coverage, and an insurance broker’s role is precisely the same: to simplify the task of finding insurance and finding coverage that suits your needs.

Going about the task of comparing home insurance quotes in Quebec on your lonesome is seldom easy. A broker makes it a breeze.

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