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Unless the context requires otherwise, the following words and expressions are defined as follows:


We will not be providing any insurance brokerage services, nor will we be furnishing any insurance coverage. We do not offer any financial products or services.

Our role is exclusively limited to acting as an intermediary between the Prospects, the insurers and the firms with which we have entered into partnership agreements. In particular, our role is limited to providing you, via the Platform, with insurance quotes from insurers and to transmit those quotes to a Firm, together with related information, so the Firm may then attend to you with a view to providing you with insurance coverage.

We are in no way liable for services provided following the establishment of a business relationship via our Platform. In addition, we make and give no recommendations, suggestions, representations or specific guarantees in that regard. Innovation is not a party to any offers, commitments or insurance contracts that may be concluded following your use of the Platform, and assumes no liability in this regard, nor with respect to any representations made by our Partners.

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Nothing in these Terms of Use gives you any rights to the Platform, other than that which is necessary to give you access permission.

The use of any trademarks or any other content in the Platform is strictly prohibited, as is any reproduction, modification, exploitation, distribution, etc. Nothing in the Platform should be construed as granting a licence or a right to use any trademark or content found therein without our written permission.


Upon receipt of your request, we will provide you with quotes obtained from our Partner insurers, based on the information provided by you. The insurance rates in the quotes will be for information purposes only. We will then send your quote request to a Firm. In this regard, our obligations to you will exclusively be obligations of means. Accordingly, our only obligation will be to take steps to put you in contact with a Firm willing to help you to obtain insurance coverage that meets your criteria and to provide you with a final insurance rate, based on your declarations. However, we cannot be held liable and you will absolve us of any liability if:

In the interests of clarity, we are not liable for any damages of any kind or for any inconvenience, either direct or indirect, arising from the establishment (or non-establishment) of a relationship between a Firm and you, either due to our efforts or arising from the use or operation of the Platform. .
Moreover, you undertake to complete your insurance quote request and to provide information in good faith, in an honest, accurate and timely fashion and to the best of your knowledge. Otherwise, we reserve the right to not follow up on your request, and you will assume full responsibility for any insurance quote requests you submit on our Platform.


You are required to use the Platform responsibly. The following actions or conduct, in particular, are prohibited:

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We may modify the content of the Platform, as well as suspend or terminate the activities of the Platform, at any time and at our sole discretion. We do not in any way guarantee the continuous accessibility of the Platform at all times or uninterrupted use.

You agree that the Platform is provided "as is" and "as available". We make no representations or warranties with respect to the Platform, its features and content, including, without limitation, the completeness, accuracy and currency of the content and any guarantee of satisfaction, performance or fitness for a particular purpose, that the Platform will meet your needs and expectations, etc. We cannot be held responsible for service interruptions, delays, server failures, technical problems, loss or theft of data. However, it is specified that Innovation remains responsible to the Prospect as manager of the data that the Prospect has entrusted to it.

To the extent permitted by law, we assume no liability arising from any error or inaccuracy in any content of the Platform, the unavailability of the Platform for any reason and any representation or statement made on it.

Given the nature of the Platform, links to websites operated by other organizations may appear. We are not responsible for the content of these other sites nor endorse their content or message. We accept no liability for any inconvenience or damage that may result.


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You release us from any potential liability arising from any claims, lawsuits, complaints, actions, requests and damages in line with disputes involving other third parties.


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We may make amendments to these Terms of Use. The updated version of the Terms of Use will be published on the Platform. The changes will automatically take effect 60 days following their publication. Your use of the Platform following that 60-day period will be tantamount to acceptance of the new Terms of Use. You are responsible for consulting the Terms of Use from time to time to see whether any changes have been made.


Each provision of these Terms of Use forms a distinct whole, so that any court decision rendering null and void one of the provisions hereof will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions. Our failure to exercise or to request the application of any right recognized by the Terms of Use or by the Privacy Policy will not constitute a waiver of said right or the provision in question.

The Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the updates thereto constitute the entire agreement entered into by you and us in line with use of the Platform and replace any prior representations, declarations or other communications not contained herein.

You may not assign or otherwise transfer any of your rights, in whole or in part, set out in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.


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In the event of any differences of meaning or interpretation between the original French-language version of these Terms of Use and a translation, the original French-language version shall prevail.